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  Atelier for manufacturing folklore costumes
Folklore Costumes

Folk costumes of the old Bulgarians are among the most significant works of Bulgarian folk art. Clothing, using the technique of weaving and cutting, materials, form and composition of many parts of the suit (wearing) reveals preserved for centuries archaic features.

In the studio for the traditional costumes are made folk costumes from all regions of Bulgaria, as well as our neighboring Balkan countries.

Women's traditional costumes from Mizia - (severnyashka nosiya)
Women Thracian costume - - - - - - - - - - Men's Thracian costume
For contact and orders:

Balkanfolk Ltd.
125 Sv.Sv. Kiril i Metodii Str.
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria

phone: +359 2 8322010
Шопска носия за бебе момче
Носия за бебе